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Eat, Sleep, Doodle Repeat - Meet Artist Sayali Suryawanshi

"I always love drawing from my childhood but my drawing was not good in school later in college I love to scribble in free time, bad moods and felt better. later I tried my hands on paints and fell in love with them. And now I am doing digital art, Illustrations. I do freelancing, customized doodles. I guess art is a part of my journey now."

So Tell Us Something About Yourself ?

Hey! Myself Sayali Suryawanshi 22 years old artist based in Nagpur, I did engineering, it's my final year actually but I always loved art.

How Do you find inspiration & stay creative?

My inspiration are all the artists and their creative works, I do have art blocks but then I get inspired by their work

What are the challenges you face on your regular artistic journey and how will you overcome from it?

As an artist, I do compare myself with bigger and better artists which is wrong but sometimes can help, I over come it by telling myself that I need practice to be like them, with my own art style. Finding our own art style is the biggest problem, which I will overcome by practicing different styles.

Any advice you want to give to the other artist?

Stop comparing and start creating.

We wish Sayali Suryawanshi all the very best for her artistic journey.. Keep Grinding !

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