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Next Level Day Dreamer - Meet Artist K Devendra Reddy

"It all started when during my college intros I had nothing to say about my hobbies to seniors because I was nurtured in a way to focus only on studies... But after reaching college I didn't have any hobbies to share... So I started looking for a hobby in the search I also wanted to have such a hobby which allows me to make someone's day with my skills... So in my search I came across vector portraits of people and guessed if I could just make some portraits of my friends just to make them happy... That was the beginning of my journey in vector illustrations... But know I have founded a way to create some revenue from it... I am very happy know because my artworks bring smiles to people's faces and it also gets me some revenue and the most important thing it always inspires me to be more creative"

So Tell Us Something About Yourself ?

I am computer science engineering student from 2nd year at the college of national institute of science and technology. I was good in studies and more of a nerd but didn't have a hobby aur thing which I loved . I love making people happy so and being the reason of someone's smile makes me happy. That's the reason I love making portraits for others

How Do you find inspiration & stay creative?

Well this might seem funny or weird but I daydream a lot and in my daydreams I think of myself as a hero who does different things and that's the thing which keeps me creative😅.. and I also gain inspiration from the people who are at whole new level

What are the challenges you face on your regular artistic journey and how will you overcome from it?

The biggest challenge I face is gaining my family's support and to overcome it I try to show them the benefits of my work in monetary as well as recognition. And I leave the rest on my fate and hardwork.

Any advice you want to give to the other artist?

The advice I want to give to other artists is that follow your passion people because you could earn more by doing things you don't love but you could definitely love your life a lot more when you follow your passion.

We wish K Devendra Reddy all the very best for his artistic journey.. Keep Grinding !

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